For some reason, a vast number of the scripts I build, particularly Javascripts, have been focussed around Neopets. My theory is that it's because there's a large audience who would like to use it, who are just techno-savvy enough to understand how nifty my programming is without actually being able to do it themselves. The ideal audience, don't you think? ;)

In any case, here are some of the bits and pieces of scripts I've got. Nothing brilliant, but interesting for reference material.

Whack-a-Council Member
Inspired by one of Gen's comics in the Enchanted Times, our very own whacking game. This system uses some really nice tricks to get the images to apparently swap without the hassle of checking if the picture has actually loaded yet. It might benefit from being more oo though, at the moment all the state variables are stored in arrays with each object having an index. Quite messy.
Good in concept, but a bit of a steep learning curve. Plus, it seems to have developed several bugs along the way. I'm not looking to fix it in the near future though, it was more of a pre-concept to something else I want to build - a complete lookup designer
Just a bit of nonsense for a guild theme day. The script itself is tiny, and it doesn't even check if all the words were found. Still, for 20 minutes work it was entertaining enough for a once off. (btw - no more gifts will be handed out, nice try though!)